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Upgrade of TouGH CMn Technology

Upgrade of TouGH CMn Technology

Up to 50% of life improvement of a product from all kinds of existing insert technology.


Latest technology by incorporating Resources Unity’ Proprietary Enhanced Mn with TouGH CMn Casting technology.

Resources Unity has invented TouGH CMn technology and the company has been granted several patents. TouGH CMn is basically carbide insert technology that is impregnated into the steel casting. It has achieved tremendous success in user applications. The chemical and thermal stability, wear resistance, and hardness of metallic alloy, paired with the flexibility and impact resistance of the manganese parent metal, produces the ultimate wear life in the most extreme abrasive and high-impact working conditions. This technology helps the high-wear component to have a great performance and better service life, even in extreme operating environments. The TouGH CMn technology is known to overcome the contradiction between impact toughness and hardness for steel casting.

RU being an inventor, has further advanced the existing technology by incorporating TouGH CMn improved insert with its own proprietary Enhanced Mn parent manganese to create the next level of product. TouGH CMn technology has revolutionized the casting industry by providing an up-to-date final key for steel casting wear liners. Reliability, overall cost reduction, and productivity can be accomplished right away.  The technology minimizes the turnaround period of product trials. It is the most effective and efficient package to set an overall new benchmark for the wear liners all over the entire operation. Market feedback from several company distribution channels confirmed that the new technology improves the lifespan of a product by 2 to 3 times as compared to normal manganese castings.  

Features of the upgraded TouGH CMn Technology:

  • High level of toughness and hardness
  • Stronger manganese allows a higher volume ratio of Insert Impregnation
  • Pre-hardened manganese prevents sacrificial loss of wear material
  • Robust manganese prevents casting deformation and, at the same time, extends the service life of a product 



  • The Longest-lasting insert technology available in the market
  • Undefined cost saving
  • Huge reduction in the cost of operation with trivial cost penalty (if any)
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved crushing time
  • Perfect one-stop solution for improvement of plant availability
  • Ideal solution for aligning your shutdown schedule with more options
  • Huge reduction in the cost of ownership
  • Service life extension is achievable 2-3 times wherever applicable.


RU advances its unique competitive advantages in material technology via practice of foundry manufacturing expertise to make available DURABLE series as customized casting technology.

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