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Upgrade of existing Manganese Casting Technology

Nanotechnology by Resource Unity yields a strong manganese structure

Aspired by Nanotechnology and its implementation, Resource Unity takes a step ahead to review the company’s existing casting technology and has advanced to a new grade of manganese casting technology named Enhanced Mn Superior. Apart from inheriting the existing advantages of the Enhanced Mn, this technology further reduces the grain size within the microstructure of manganese metals. This helps the manganese structure to be more compact and hence stronger. The pre-hardened manganese casting technology minimizes the sacrificial wear of a standardized manganese product.

Nanotechnology provides opportunities to develop new processes and materials that help the metal casting industry remain competitive in existing markets and helps it to develop new global markets where better microstructure will be advantageous in overall mechanical property. The development of nano technology resolves the contradiction between hardness and brittleness, provides technological reliability of the cast parts, and increases the stability of technological processes.

Features of Enhanced Mn Superior Technology:

  • This casting technology is compatible with the company’s existing TouGH CMn Insert technology and Titan technology as well, thus can be impregnated into the stronger parent metal
  • It can also quite effectively work in the low-impact operating environment that the work-hardening feature of normal manganese fails to achieve
  • Enhanced Mn Superior is estimated to be 30%-40& stronger than the equivalent Enhanced Mn and is 50%-70% stronger than the normal market generic manganese

Benefits of Enhanced Mn Superior Technology:

  • Longer service life of the product
  • Reduces the cost of user operations
  • No complication of profile alteration
  • Fully compatible with all the existing carbide impregnation technology of RU
  • More options available to manage and optimize machine downtime
  • Aligns with the corporate goal and people management
  • For safety management, it enhances the performance of machines
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