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Resources Unity

Social Responsibility


Our policy is driven by the principles of corporate responsibility and sustainability, and hence all key activities implemented across Resource Unity abide by those principles.

Here’s how our core activities are driven by sustainability and social responsibility.

  • Optimizing customer experience through the provision of eminent services, flexible product choices, educational resources, and support.
  • Responsible production through an active approach that supports environmental, social, and governance factors.
  • Ensuring a small operational footprint through a sustainable workspace and utilizing opportunities for improvement.
  • Implementation of clear and transparent reporting and ensuring accountability for decisions, actions, and performance standards.
  • Engagement and collaboration with industry leaders to achieve business objectives thorough due-diligence process that checks for the sustainability of credentials.
  • Ensure a work culture and workspace that is engaging, high-performing, invites a wide array of perspectives, and is represented by all levels of expertise.
  • Motivating the staff to engage in voluntary community service to support Sustainability and social responsibility.

  • Practical implementation of these principles involves blending corporate responsibility agenda into our business strategies and decision-making processes. This would ensure the the objectives are achieved. Here’s a sneak peek of our sustainability-driven activities and strategies

    Our well-defined position on Climate Change

    As a global manufacturer and an industry leader, we have well-defined strategies in place to minimize the risks and utilize the opportunities concerning climate change.

    Sustainability Initiatives

    Resources Utility’s prime objective is to foster a healthy relationship with nature. Hence, we have a future-focused and sustainability-driven approach to our business operations.

    Healthy Workspaces and Informed Employees

    The work environment at Resources Utility is a reflection of collaborative working, engagement, and superior performance. We consistently motivate our employees to achieve what’s better, deliver skill-based value-oriented outcomes for customers, and experience inclusive and equal treatment.

    An integrated Global Emission Plan

    Resources Utility has launched a Metal Recycling Program to significantly reduce the emissions in metal production.



    On the commercial front, RU’s scrap metal recycling program involves processing used materials into new products to sustain the competitive edge of our supply chain. Recycling scrap metal simplifies the process of sourcing raw materials and ensuring raw material quality control. Additionally, recycling is a cleaner process that reduces air pollution. It also lowers the level of greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin metal production.

    RU’s scrap metal recycling program also helps in sustaining cost-effectiveness and also makes the competitive supply chain more comprehensive.

    Do you know that steel is the most recycled material? Scrap metals can be recycled and reused for an infinite period. What does that mean? It means the preservation of nature’s limited natural resources. Hence, recycling is an incredible initiative for both commercial and environmental reasons.

    Resources Utility is committed to implementing the recycling scheme for broader purposes- both commercial and supply arrangements. We want to support both environmental and business sustainability.

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