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Resources Unity-compatible pumps provide high-cost saving to processing plants and mine sites. We help you with your complete industrial pumping solutions. 

Slurry Pumps are heavy-duty equipment. Available as the rubbed line or hard metal, these pumps can handle huge amounts of material that contains solids with low maintenance costs and excellent performance. These pumps are robust and are designed particularly keeping in mind the most demanding pumping applications. The team of mechanical and design engineers in our pumping business unit design new ones and improve your existing design as well to achieve better performance. The wonderful hydraulic design guarantees maximum efficiency all over the life cycle of these generously sized wear parts.

The slurry pumps are long-lasting pumping equipment made for handling large amounts of materials. The robust construction and heavy-duty design combined with the top-quality abrasion-resistant wear material enable trouble-free operation and long service life in the toughest applications also. These pumps have a prime hydro-dynamic expeller that seals the gland dry while the pump is running. The secondary grease-lubricated gland seal stops any kind of leakage while the pump is not running. The flushed gland seals can be supplied and are available as either low-flow or full-flow gland seals. Also, different mechanical seals are offered. The automated throat bush adjustment technology helps in speeding up the process, thus allowing for more frequent adjustments having minimal effort.

Typical applications
At plant slurry transfer pumps
Medium-duty abrasive slurries
Gravel and sand
Mill Discharge
Industrial processing
Mine refuse and training
Hydro cyclone feed
Extra heavy-duty extremely abrasive slurries
Mining and mineral processing
Tailings disposal

Astra-stone Pump

The Astra series pumps are designed for handling extremely abrasive operational environment.

Advanced Tech

Exclusive to Resources Unity

RU can provide profile alteration capability for synchronizing the life of the wet parts:
Modified FPLI
Heavy Duty Impeller
Extended Throat bush
Thickened Water cut

RU can provide material technology upgrades for critical mechanical parts to extend service life or improve reliability for usage.

Design vs. Performance Curve
Material selection to synchronize life of wet parts
Slurry Pump

Material Selection + Mechanical Modification to synchronize life of wet parts

Paste Pump

RU uses Z41 Nano Material Technology which is categorized as a super hard material. Also, the technology is developed to overcome the service life of the wet parts within the paste pump.

Spare Parts

Slurry Pump Parts

RU is dedicated to OEM equivalent after-market service assistance and after-market supply of spares. We have a full inventory of spare parts that include branded components, all material grades of the parts, the assembly unit, and the Bare pump. With single-source supply solutions and fully integrated systems, we simplify the installation, distribution, and inventory of slurry pump wear and spares to keep the processes of our customers running more efficiently, safer, and longer.

Our parts are easily interchangeable. With local deployment and inventory, we simplify maintenance and service. The wear and spare parts program from RU gives you the confidence that each component and product supports uptime and simplifies maintenance. Our slurry pump parts are inventoried strategically close to our customers such that they can be deployed quickly in times of need. RS works with customers to develop a parts and maintenance inventory that keeps the plant running as well as helps in extending the life cycle of the equipment.

Spare Parts

Why Choose RU for your Pump needs?

• Mechanical Design: Heavy-duty volute casings with thickened impellers of equivalent or improved head or flow capacity matched carefully to provide even wear, hydraulics, and high efficiency. 
• Durability: Materials of high quality with excellent corrosion resistance and wear properties. The wear parts are durable. The back-pull-out and slide-base design principal minimizes downtime for maintenance and inspection. 
• Local support and global expertise: Our minerals and pumping processing professionals are distributed over many countries all across the globe. 
• Ease of maintenance: The maintenance slide base design is one option for enabling faster service as well as the replacement of wear parts.


Case Study

Throatbush Delivers Major Pump Wear Life Enhancements




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