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RU Safety First

Implementation of a Digitized Cloud Health and Safety System

Resources Unity takes great pride in managing the health and safety of its employees, contractors, and suppliers. Employees of every section of our business often need to work away from the comfort of the office, and so they are exposed to serious health and safety risks. As a result, practical ways of managing and preventing risks, hazards, incidents, and accidents have become a crucial part of our day-to-day operations.

Being an employer, our foremost job is ensuring the safety of our employees. Also, as a business, our operational efficiency is lean efficiency. RU Safety software supports RU in managing health and safety obligations, thus helping us build a safer business. The system helps RU to sustain its advantage in quick turnaround by focusing on lean efficiency throughout its business practice.  We can now manage health and safety on the move and easily keep on with our health and safety tasks whether we are on the pitch side or in the office.

RU Safety software provides our company with

  • Hazard reporting
  • Incident reporting
  • Cloud-based document storage
  • Pre-loaded safety e-learning modules
  • Responsibilities and tasks
  • SWMS creation tool and template library
  • Risk assessment creation tool and template library

The new app makes it easy and quick for RU to manage safety and health tasks even while our employees are away from the workspace. RU Safety comes with an array of e-learning courses to assist us as well as our employees with the latest safety and health laws. The digitized cloud system assists RU to provide timely guidelines by enabling its internal and contractor personnel with a comprehensive learning portal to ensure safety.

The courses cover vital topics like-

  • Manual handling awareness
  • Lone working
  • Fire safety awareness
  • Hazardous substance
  • Display screen equipment

Whether it is testing a fire alarm or replacing an old ladder, there is always a safety and health job that requires completion in your workplace. The new task list of RU safety app is an exclusive feature that displays which safety and health tasks need to be carried out over the upcoming seven days on the basis of risk assessments. Even it tells us which ones are overdue. Now once the job is finished and the risk assessment is updated, RU safety app automatically removes these tasks from the list, thus helping us prioritize the ones that are left.

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