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Scope of Work

For the project, the scope of work involved the selection of the longest-lasting material technology. This includes tailored technology and customizing the product as per the customer’s needs with the use of high-end technology. The idea is to achieve the purpose, design, and fabrication of the customer and alter the process of production so as to deliver the project on time and with efficiency.

The Challenge

The customer is a mineral sand operation company that has been constructed within a pond where crane lifting and logistics access are limited. Most of the equipment used by the company is rubber lined and restricted from the process of welding. The lining material is a rubber sheet and bonds to steel in situ. With the aging of the plant, the existing lining technology starts to wear off and disfunctions slowly. This happens because the lining material of the equipment could not meet the expected service life. As such, repair has become a practically difficult choice. At this point, Resources Unity came to the rescue.


When the customer approached RU, it came up with the supply of all new equipment having an external and internal lining. For internal lining, RU re-engineered Polyurethane lining, and for the external lining, the company re-engineered PU spray coating. This technology helps in preventing leakage as well as expanded damage that is penetrated by wear when the lining system is approaching the end of life. The solution provided by RU must provide the desired life of the new equipment.


• Upcoming years of hassle-free operation
• Improved safety
• Lower cost of maintenance
• More time for scheduled maintenance

Resources Unity offers a whole line of surge bins, pipeline and distributor system supply. Designed in various shapes, the bins are available in numerous sizes to conserve and maximize handling energy, space, and time. RU has received various claims to be a reliable supplier and manufacturer of a large variety of equipment with advanced while customized material technology.

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