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Improvement Project of Pump Wet Parts

Scope of Work

For this work, the scope comprises the wear profile scan, determination, and analysis of the wear zone, profile alteration at the wear zone, manufacturing, supply, simulation run, and packing of the necessary parts that are ready to be transported.

The Challenge

Pump wet parts require life improvement; however, the customer wants to achieve reduced budget for pump rebuild, synchronization of service life across all wet parts. This project has been put aside due to complexity, difficulty and compatible capability of different suppliers.


Resources Unity took this project and evaluated all possible ways in wear material, profiling and cause-effect of doing such changes via a 3D simulation on internal software program prior to proposal.

Improvement of Casing Volute

By profile alterations, the experts at RU extended the component part life by 40% as well as made available the premium material upgrade.

Throatbush Improvement

We extended the component part life by 50% with the help of profile alteration.

Impeller Improvement:

With our heavy-duty design, the life has been extended by 25-30%. 

In this project, we at RU achieved the goal of synchronization of the wet parts where we increased the life of the wet part unit by aligning with the desired plant shutdown schedule.


• The evaluation process between cost-effectiveness and part performance has been streamlined
• Supply and design that suits the shutdown schedule
• Cost optimization of labor components and on-site installations
• Cost optimization of the wet parts
• Reduced cost for per pump rebuild

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