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Supply of Precision Casting and Forging Parts

Scope of Work

For this product line, the scope of work comprised integrated supply chain management, material specification, verification of construction drawing, and standard decoding for the custom chemistry composition. Our tasks also involved forging or casting, precision machining, and finally, packing the overall precision parts package. 

The Challenge

Business process of customer is complex. The customer acquires rough forging or casting from supplier and then arrange work with machining workshop. Due to complexity of the part and machining requirement, alternative supply source is not widely available though the customer experiences the complexity in his interdepartmental operations.


The supply chain of RU standardized quality requirements from the raw material supply and machining of the workshop equipment tool use. We delivered the finished product to meet the requirements of the customers in lead time, cost, and quality by simplifying the customer’s business process.


• On time delivery
• Quality Assurance requirements met
• Cost Reduction 
• Customized parts available
• Machining tool design assistance for producing custom part

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