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Reduction of the cost of ownership of Jaw Crusher


For this project, the scope of work involved:
• Life improvement of Jaw Crusher Liner 
• Improvement of the rest of the wear liners inside the jaw crusher 
• Assembly and mechanical parts supply 
• Custom parts and inventory stock arrangement

The Challenge

Old crusher retired from manufacturing line, OEM part catalogue and drawings are outdated. Reference part numbers are no longer accurate to actual product in use. The only former supplier does not offer improvement options for mechanical assemblies. The customer wants to keep operating the old machine however seeks solution to improve both mechanical assembly and wear parts of the machine.

Wear Liner Type

Required Performance Ratio

Material Used

Mechanical Parts



Lower Cheekplate



Jaw Crusher Swing Side


Quarry Teeth Type Titan Liner

Jaw Crusher Fixed Side


Flat Heavy-Duty Titan Liner


RU sent engineering team comprised of mechanical engineer and production engineers to collect information from new and use product. The scope of field engineer services includes but not limited to part material composition analysis and determination, part mechanical property test and analysis, fitting tolerance setting, manufacturing tolerance setting, manufacturing drawing, production technology and reversed design.

RU used TouGH CMn and Titan Liner Technology for wear parts supply. RU successfully achieved the required performance ratio and also for the best commercial outcome, fine-tuned the product supply.


• Reduction in the total cost of ownership 
• Multiple options of improvement for the customer with available part & assembly information 
• Arrangement of stock for custom parts 
• Improved operational availability 
• Less maintenance required

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