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Chute Scan, modular design, reverse design, and fabrication project


For this contract, the scope of the contract comprises the field scan, reverse design, collection of personnel information, from design to the construction of the generation process, surface treatment, fabrication, supply, packaging, and lining of the complete lining and chute package.

The Challenge

Logistic cost and complication is major challenge for this large scale project. Workers at customer site are relatively taller and larger than other customers of RU, maximum height, width are to design to suit.


Doorway Improvement: RU collected the body height range of every personnel onsite and then incorporated the information on personnel height into the chute design. 

Modular Design: RU designed the segmented module, and every module is managed precisely and machined that ensure fitment of the assembly.


• To ensure easy access, RU allowed maximum height for the doorway design 
• The modular design simplifies lifting, handling, installation, and transport requirements

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