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Chute Modular Design, Supply, and Optimization of wear Liner


For this contract, the scope of work was on-site scan and reverse design of the chute such that it fits, prepare a standardized design of the wear lines, IP transfer, manufacturing, supply, and the ready-to-transport (special frame packaging) of the chute. Also, our task was to assemble all the components.

The Challenge

Customer company missed equipment related information, and only equipment present was in situ. Maintenance department requires wear lining products as well as correct GA drawing and item drawings.


Preparation of Reversed Design to fit: 

• For design requirements, in-situ data collection was done 
• Full project technical data was generated and made readily available for operational needs.

Preparation of Liner Design: 

• Most of the liners were sized similarly 
• For easy installation, all liners were studded 

Resources Unity assigned the project our inhouse workshop facility.


• Fast turnaround 
• IP transfer to utilize for maintaining management and planning 
• Minimization of inventory items with reduction of various kinds of liners 
• From the beginning of the project, cost-effectiveness along with performance optimization was taken care of
• Streamline operating procedure and handling requirements for the installation of Special packages for recording complications of transport.

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