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Scope of work

For this product line, the scope of work comprised design for construction conversion, structural design, preparing integrated sourcing for the branded component, upgrading of wear material, assembly construction, trial fit, and supply. We made the entire packaging of the complete structure or/and assembled components as a package.

The Challenge

Wear components of Cyclone are not ideal for shutdown maintenance schedule. More premium wear solution was sought after to keep the wear components in place.


Parallel Trial for Evaluation:

For evaluation, we used the technique of parallel trial. The materials we had available were rubber sheets that the competitor supplier also used, Polyurethane, and Carbide material. After several round discussions, we customize the wear technology by combining reverse-engineer Polyurethane material with Nano SIC Carbide to form a Composited lining materials for this application.


• Lining life is extended by ~200% mean value
• Need less maintenance
• Reduced cost of ownership•Large improvement to plant availability
• Undefined cost savings for operation

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