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Life improvement project and supply- Cyclone Distributor

Scope of Work

For this product line, the scope of work comprises meeting the constant service life improvement needs. We were asked to supply, manufacture, and pack the required parts, and our job was to check the technical specification alignment and design feasibility.

The Challenge

The customer experienced constant wear issues from rubber lined product, where 6mm, 10mm, 12mm rubber sheets are cut to sizes up and bond onto steel frame to form lining. The lining material tends to peel off by the end of its life, hence the operating unit suffers from leakage and excessive erosion.


Selection of Wear Material 

• Reverse Engineered Polyurethane (RVPU)
• Polyurethane
• Polyurea Coating 

Resources Unity introduced Reverse Engineered Polyurethane (RVPU) for improved mechanical property, more importantly the material resolves the bonding issue. 

In addition to internal lining material technology, RU also applied PU Coating to the external surface before protective paint coating process. This is to create an outer wear protection mechanism. The benefits of these are many; 

• Slow down erosion when the operating unit is worn
• Slow down damage expansion to allow more time for maintenance schedule 
• Prevent Leakage and damage aggravation

The Seal and Paint Specifications adhere to the international standard strictly. Every product is ITP managed with the real-time reporting system in place by the Supply Chain. The Casting technology of the RVPU prevents joints between the rubber sheets. All our material grades are made available for construction by various application environments.


• RVPU improves the life of products. It makes a 40-70% life improvement based on comparative rubber sheets.

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