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Lining material selection, design, and assembly manufacturing of the Suction device of Dredger


A dredger plant contacted RU to improve life and supply a suction device along with a concept drawing. The difficulty they faced was that the suction device experienced excessive wear on surface while in operation. RU sought a solution to improve the life of the product by creating a wear-resistant coating and also modifying and verifying the design such that it suits the manufacturing reality wherever necessary.


RU provided RVPU (Reversed Engineering PU) internal lining material while create an external coating that ranges from 2mm to 6mm to improve the operating life of the lining.


• Huge reduction in the cost of ownership 
• For complex operating issues, RU streamlined the supply chain solution 
• There was an overall improvement in the operational efficiency of the plant.


RU is contacted by a dredging plant to supply and improve life of suction device with concept drawing provided. The suction device experiences excessive wear in operation, a solution is sought to improve the life by creating wear resistant coating as well as to verify or modify the design to suit manufacturing reality where necessary. 

 RU provides Reversed Engineered PU (RVPU) to create a coating ranging between 2mm-6mm THK to improve lining operating life.


• Large reduction for cost of ownership 
• Overall improvement of plant operational efficiency 
• Streamlined supply chain solution for complex operating issues

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