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Adjustment Ring and Bowl Assembly: Streamlining Complex Assembly from Purchase to Delivery


The project's scope of work involved a comprehensive approach, comprising field scanning, reverse engineering, material determination, component sourcing, assembly construction, consolidated logistics management, and supply. The goal was to address the challenges faced by the customer, who struggled with insufficient manuals and inaccurate information on existing manuals, leading to high costs and time-consuming purchase models involving multiple parties.

The Challenge

The Adjustment Ring and Bowl Assembly had a complex assembly process that required the customer to source parts from multiple suppliers and assemble them at different locations to ensure all the parts were included. This process was expensive and time-consuming, and the customer also faced difficulties due to insufficient manuals and inaccurate information.


The project team, comprising Resources Unity field scan team, attended the site and conducted field scanning, material testing, and mechanical property analysis on the existing assembly. With the help of reverse engineering, the team created accurate and detailed manufacturing drawings. As a result, the customer received a high-quality assembly within a single movement in its business process, without the need for multiple parties' involvement.


The project's success resulted in significant benefits for the customer, including:
• Simplified business process for complex assembly from purchase to delivery, resulting in reduced time and costs  
• Guaranteed quality due to accurate information and drawings  
• Met delivery due date, resulting in greater customer satisfaction 

In conclusion, the Adjustment Ring and Bowl Assembly project streamlined a complex assembly process, resulting in significant benefits for the customer. The project's comprehensive approach, involving field scanning, reverse engineering, and logistics management, provided a single, accurate source of information, ensuring timely delivery, reduced costs, and guaranteed quality.

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