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User Shutdown Schedule Alignment Vs. Material Technology Project


For this project, the scope of work involved:

• Planning staged improvement for optimizing crushing circuit 
• Evaluating bottlenecks and providing the shortest turnaround such that it meets the desired shut-down schedule 
• Stock arrangement and inventory management for the custom items 
• Fine-tune material vs. product grade to optimize commercial and operational gains for the end user


Crusher Type

Material Used

Improvement Ratio %

Primary Jaw Crusher

Enhanced Mn


Secondary Jaw Crusher

Durable Enhanced Mn


Tertiary Jaw Crusher

TouGH CMn and Profiling


The Challenge

Crusher wear components in each stage of three stage crushing requires technology to meet the requirement precisely. The customer requires the full circuit improvement to make plant more efficient.

Overdoing is costly, under is not enough. Standard material technology is inefficient while profile alteration is no longer viable.


Resources Unity R&D created multiple wear material technology to produce product to suit needs. The tailor-made technology to form customized product to allow options available for a challenging while unique user application.


For this project, RU used TouGH CMn, Enhanced Mn and Enhanced Mn Durable proprietary technology. Benefits included
• Achievement of corporate financial goal 
• Increased plant availability vs crushing circuit balance 
• Shortest turnaround in goals 
• Minimal interruption in goal achievement 
• One-stop destination for all improvement needed within the crushing circuit

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