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Piping, Cyclone & Distributor System


Pipe and Pipe Lining

Polyurethane combines the best properties of both rubber and plastic. It offers tear and abrasion resistance, low compression set, high elongation, and tensile values. RU has formulated its polyurethane lining specifically such that it meets the specialized demands of the pipeline applications. This lining is cast into bends, T-pieces, and pipes, creating a seamless lining having no bond joints. The pipe lining of RU is hydrolytically stable and is monolithic, that is not impacted by the expansion or contraction from variations in temperature and by water hammer. Ideally, it is suited for applications like the transportation of abrasive mineral slurries in mining and in-plant process piping, concentrate slurry lines, slurry lines, tailings transfer lines, and mill reticulation piping. The company is capable of offering solutions to align manufacturing practices with the selection of materials through design verification. At RU, we locate and customize a material that suits your application.

In the field of polyethylene pipe tight-fitting liner installation, we are recognized as the leaders and have been advancing and innovating these technologies for over a decade. RU is among the few companies all over the world to have developed a method to line bends accurately. The bends are known for their ability to solve wear problems and are often used to optimize a pipeline design economically through the combination of urethane bends of RU and rubber or HDPE-lined straights. Our team of distinguished industry professionals specializing in pipeline and construction design can design pipelines and steel structures according to different standards. This includes API, AWWA C207, ASTM 16.9, ASTM 16.5, ASTM 16.47, ASTM B31.1 standards, etc. Our first-class polyurethane casting machine covers a broad spectrum of pipe (Rubber/Polyurethane) products.


RU pipe lining offers:

• Excellent tear and cut resistance 
• Superior impact resistance 
• Superior abrasion resistance 
• Low coefficient of friction 
• Good chemical resistance 
• Lowoperating costs 
• Increased flow 
• Environmental Protection 
• Extended asset life


Cyclone Distributors

Cyclones, utilizes centrifugal force within a pipework system that ensures that the solid particles are separated. Often cyclones are used in industry to recover raw materials from the production process or to remove the solid particles generally before recirculating the air. From a broad spectrum of cyclone distributors, realize the total separation efficiency potential. The cyclone distributors of RU minimize wear and also ensure even feed distribution. The range is designed with maximum flexibility and, even in harsh operating conditions, has quite highly efficient separation capabilities. Lined internally and fabricated from mild steel, the distribution design minimizes loss of pressure that results in higher energy transfers to cyclones. This compact design reduces the floor area needs, thus leaving a smaller footprint and allowing sufficient room for easy maintenance and access. RU has every expertise and resource to customize your distributor solution or cyclone equipment as per your requirements.

Features of the Cyclone Distributors

Sampling points are incorporated

Custom designed that meets client area requirements

Long-lasting construction materials

Cost-effective solutions that are developed by our skilled engineers having extensive application knowledge

Design includes operator walkways


RU Hydrocyclone- Pioneering wet classification solution

Increase uptime: The design of the hydrocarbons drives maximum uptime coupled with a decrease in operational costs. The industry-leading flow rates of RU’s hydrocyclone create an optimal flow irrespective of given pressure drops. Also, wear-resistant liners are incorporated to increase uptime and extend the lifecycle of overall parts. The cyclone provides quite an ease of maintenance, thus reducing downtime. Due to a limited number of parts and simple design, the line changes are easy, safe, and quick. The simplicity of hydrocyclone brings reduced cost and increased uptime.

High Capacity: The cyclone inlet design is developed in conjunction with modelling and simulation scientists using the latest software available. The design allows a smooth flow of material into the cyclone for an increased unit capacity. The increased unit capacity and minimal turbulence create a higher throughput wet classification process.

Diverse Applications: The cyclones of RU fit into different applications and also fulfill diverse needs. It operates best in grinding circuit classification, primary fine grinding, and grinding a full spectrum of minerals. The wide product offerings of these cyclone sizes bring increased profitability and efficiency. All the models offer a range of apex inserts and votex finders to fine-tune the wet classification performance.

Exceptional separation efficiency: The cyclones provide efficient and accurate separation of the particles by size. The Radial manifolds distribute the feed accurately and collect the overflow and underflow from multiple hydrocyclones that operate in parallel. The wear-resistant linings are incorporated into the feed distributor, which produces minimal turbulence for overflow and underflow launders. Its unique conical geometry offers a smooth acceleration of particles for promoting a sharp particle separation at a low cost. We pay special attention to safe access for maintaining, sampling, and monitoring the cyclone and its components.

Post Sale Service

Post Sale Service

RU will provide field support to collect operational and usage data to upgrade or adjust your material selection to better suit your operational environment.

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