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Other Wear Materials

Other Wear Materials

Other Wear Materials

Without proper parts, your mining equipment will not be able to function optimally. Apparently, all parts may look the same. However, it is important that all the parts are critical and can impact profitability and production greatly, Resources Unity can support you from your standard replacements to your turnkey programs. With decades of experience, RU has standardized distribution and production to make your experience seamless. 

Tried and tested: RU genuine standard parts assure equipment compatibility for your trouble-free operation 

• Easy to purchase and use: Our products have simplified and unique designs, thus making it easier for you to change components and parts. 

Availability: Our parts are not only accessible when you require them, but we also support you throughout the lifecycle of your equipment. 

RU is improving designs continuously and collaborating with customers to optimize the use of parts. We can explore new material options and fabrications to achieve your objectives with you. This includes: 

• Minimize environmental impact and improve safety 
• Reduce downtime and maintenance 
• Simplify the process of part replacement 
• Increase capacity or production 
• Achieve better cost efficiencies 

Why Choose RU spare parts?  

Expertise: Over the past decade, RU has experience in supplying and low wearing parts and equipment. 
OEM quality: We apply the strictest tolerances and standards for guaranteed reliability and safety. 
End-to-end solutions: From our original to our third-party installations, we support equipment of any type. 
Availability: With our distribution channel spread the globe, RU supplies when and where you need them. 

Comprehensive mining parts and services

Field services and installations: You can free up your resources by relying on RU. We assure you that you will have the right personnel in plate to perform your job efficiently and safely. Irrespective of how small or big, from component replacement to crusher and mill refining, you can rely on us.

Inventory management and parts planning: RU can develop your life cycle plan for identifying parts that are imperative to our customer’s mining operation, aimed at reducing the inventory holding costs for improving cash flow and, at the same time, ensuring that you have access to your vital parts. 

Extended warranties and inspections: Audit services and scheduled inspections help in highlighting potential issues that are covered under the extended services through our Equipment protection services. 

Spare part kits: Efficient and economic packages are available to increase convenience and efficiency. From upgrade kits to wear parts fastening kits, RY offers various options that will ensure that you have the latest technology. 

 Apart from the core items, RU keeps worldwide sources of raw materials for producing items. As its supply chain capability, RU can offer the following materials that are necessary to manufacture a product: 

  • Polyethylene (UoM: per roll)
  • Polyester full (UoM: per roll)
  • Branded rubber (UoM: per roll)
  • QT plates full (UoM: per sheet)
  • Hardox Plates (UoM: per sheet)
  • Tungsten overlay weld plates (UoM: per sheet)
  • Chromium overlay weld plates (UoM: per sheet)
  • P.D.C. Insert (Most Element 6 Grades)
  • Tungsten Insert (Most Element 6 Grades)
  • Nickel Forging (State: Rough unmachined)
  • Tungsten Chocky block
  • Chromium Chocky block
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Titanium Carbide
  • AI 85 Ceramic
  • AI 92 Ceramic
  • Zircon toughened Alumina
  • Other Wear Materials


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