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Crusher Machine

Wear Parts and Spare Parts

Resources Unity is a leading manufacturer and supplier of crushing machines wear parts, spares, assembly components as well as bare machines. 

For RU, Crusher wears liners have been a primary focus. We have invented the TouGH CMn product series along with TITAN Wear Technology. Our inventions have been granted various patents. Each of our inventions has incorporated the designing of the casting technology, implementation of quality assurance, modification of production technology, and definition of the raw material composition throughout the supply chain. We are proud to see that the feedback towards our innovative wear parts has remained positive via different distribution channels. We stock a range of wear parts to offer a cost-effective and simple solution to protect your mobile and fixed assets against any wear, impact, or abrasion. By keeping high stock levels, we can provide timely support as well as maintain the operations of our customers. 

Recently, Enhanced Manganese casting grade has been created by RU as a premium casting product. This surpasses the quality standard of every regular manganese casting standard. When it comes to the improvement of the life of the crusher wear liners, RU possesses vast experience and comprehensive knowledge. Our team is passionate about our client’s operational target and holds a keen interest in proposing options for how our company can help you in achieving your goal. We have extensive options for material technology. By non-standard liner profile alteration, we put minimal stress on the machine. The maintenance casting sector at RU offers experience user insights into the alteration of crusher components. We tune in to find the root cause and perform a wider scale of analysis.

  • Up to 300% increase in the wear life of products
  • Greater ROI
  • Tailored design that suits unique applications
  • Low TDS and on-request user reference is available on request

Parts developed by RU include:

The RUX CAST Series of RU comprises 22%Mn, 18%Mn, and 14%Mn manganese castings.

The properties of RUX CAST include:

  • Higher carbon content percentage interprets improved hardness
  • Higher manganese content for a quicker work-hardening process
  • A smaller molybdenum content percentage means improved yield and structural strength
Enhanced Manganese upgrades generic manganese casting technology. These are durable enough and meet the standard of the casting industry, which has been planning to offer for decades. Basically, the Enhanced Manganese series casting is a pre-hardened manganese casting technology for minimizing the sacrificial wear of the standard manganese product. This enhanced Manganese product enhances the life minimum by 50% on the top-of-the-market premium item at a minimal cost penalty.
TouGH CMn is basically carbide insert technology that is impregnated into the steel casting to improve the sectional wear life. This technology helps the high-wear component to have a great performance and better service life even in extreme operating environments. The TouGH CMn technology is known to overcome the contradiction between impact toughness and hardness for steel casting.
The TITAN Liner Technology has been developed to impregnate the relatively large alloy blocks into the jaw crusher teeth as well as corrugate the gyratory crusher liners. This technology uses metallurgical and mechanical bonding mechanisms in the making.
RU has come up with the Wear Attack to impregnate the metallic ceramic into casting in order to improve the wear resistance. This technology is made available for the casting of high chromium.

Combing different grade of manganese material with different grade of impregnated material to make up your Custom wear liners that suffice your operational requirement. 

The product can be made by you for you ONLY (condition of later stock arrangement for unique items may apply).

Crusher Backing

Crusher backing is an integral part of ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of crushing equipment. Its primary function is to support and protect internal crusher parts from vibration, friction, and the rigorous forces of crushing operations.

Our Megapoxy range of crusher backing compounds caters to diverse requirements:

  • Perfect for general use.
  • Features rapid set time and minimal shrinkage.
  • Ensures high impact protection for your crusher.
  • An innovative solution that significantly reduces cure time.

  • This means reduced downtime for your crusher, ensuring operations resume quickly.

  • Specially formulated with a low viscosity.
  • Designed for fast cavity filling, ensuring complete coverage.
  • Tailored for regions with hot climates.
  • Its low viscosity ensures that the cavity is completely filled before hardening starts, ensuring optimal protection even in high temperatures.
Spare Parts

Spare Parts

  • Universal
  • Minyu
  • Komatsu
  • Austin Western
  • Lippmann/Hewitt Robbins
  • Pioneer
  • Cedarapids
  • Traylor
  • Parker
  • Svedala
  • Allis Chalmers
  • Kodiak
  • Pioneer
  • Pegson
  • Telsmith
  • El-Jay
  • Symons
  • Sandvik
  • Nordberg
Adaptive Machinery Lubrication Means Equipment Reliability

GREASE TRIBOL is an advanced industrial grease range formulated with Microflux Trans Plastic Deformation (MFT-PD) technology. This means that its active molecules can adapt to the differing needs of multiple operating conditions. 

MFT-PD works by creating a protective film before friction occurs, which then actively diffuses into exposed metal surfaces under extreme conditions of pressure, vibration and shock, creating a micro-smoothing layer for optimal wear protection. 

 In doing so, Tribol delivers reduced maintenance costs, productivity improvements and lower operating temperatures: all of which contribute to increased reliability and lower cost of ownership.

Crusher Machine

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Crusher Machine


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