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Conveyor System

Conveyor System

RU has supplied multiple commissioning and expansion projects for products of belt, pulley and idlers package, please refer to EPCM project supply for Product line 2 capability;

Advanced Tech

Exclusive to Resources Unity

Pulley Package

Pulley Package

Here we offer a complete package from layout and construction to manufacturing a comprehensive conveyor pulley. Natural rubber, polyurethane, smooth ceramic, dimple ceramic, ZTA, and composite material are being used as wear components as per your package selection to ensure maximised component life.


The construction materials used here are replaceable

Keeping your operational budget in mind, all these material adds a substantial commercial value

Comes with a customizable design

Minuscule lead time

Experience speaks for itself. Urban layout collectively attracts the various strands of area-making and environmental stewardship.



Years of experience. Urban design draws together the many strands of place-making, environmental stewardship.

Advanced Tech

Exclusive to Resources Unity


Belt & Belt Splice

  • Steel Cord
  • Nylon 
  • Polyester
  • Polyamine
Suitable for the operational environment. We have a solution, where factors like oil, high temperature, wear, or acidity become the challenge.
  • One-stop for package solution including design verification, material selection, fitting process between components and equipment
  • Easier process supported by experienced engineer
  • Fast turnaround for your technical, logistical, commercial questions
  • Cost effective package solution

Resources Unity provides all solutions for conveyor belt splice,

  • Cold Belt Splicing
  • Hot Vulcanized Belt Splicing
  • Belt Connect Mechanical Splicing (known as Super Screw)

Each splicing technology has its own advantage. We make products to suit and get in touch with us to discover more depending on your operational requirement.

Spare Parts

Mechanical Spares

Bearing, Bearing Housing, Shaft, Shaft Sleeves, Seals of major brands.

Conveyor System Package

  • The same rates for improved performance at the same levels of performance

  • To replace branded items with less expensive generic alternatives

  • Adaptive material technology to extend product life by reducing bottle wear

  • Adaptive manufacturing techniques to enhance product performance

  • More cost effectiveness solution

  • Simplify customer business process by having multiple goals achieved at once

  • Consider the following: Natural Rubber, Ceramics, and Polyurethane are used in building, but you're not sure which one goes where.

  • Resources Unity's construction material costs are quite consistent, but depending on the use, one may perform very differently from another.

Conveyor System

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Conveyor System


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