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Chute Feeder Hopper

Crusher Machine

Chute Feeder Hopper

Safely handle your materials with Resources Unity’s Chute Hoppers. Chutes and hoppers provide an economical and easy way of handling bulk products exiting or entering a conveyor line. A chute Feeder is a type of reciprocating feeding equipment having a tank bottom plate. It is suitable for chemical, coal, ore-dressing, and other industrial departments. The materials and granular are carried into various devices from the storage bin. Chute Hoppers consist of large containers that can hold trash and bulk materials. As they need not be tilted to dump their contents, so you may use them in areas having limited space. The large front door opens to dump the contents, and then the door closes and locks automatically. They are best for rugged and long-lasting use. The result is full compliance, safer workers, and an uninterrupted supply chain for business.

We have resources and experts to devise this kind of solution for the extrusion of the most difficult materials. Our aim is to help companies around the world to optimize their process by defining the best extrusion equipment for their particular applications and materials. We offer high-performance, durable solutions that operate cost-effectively and efficiently, expanding to meet the challenges of tricky feed materials for our customers so that they can overcome the toughest material flow issues.

  • Custom Wear Material selection for level of wear condition across different sections
  • Modular Design capability
  • Easy to install and dissemble
  • Fast project delivery
  • Practically fits design and application requirement
  • Simply your business process by achieving multiple goals at once
  • Project overall cost effectiveness
Chute Feeder Hopper
Chute Feeder Hopper

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Feed Chute Custom Design

Feed Hopper Custom Design

Chute Feeder Hopper


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