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An Epitome of Better Value
and Optimized Supply
Series of Patent Technologies (PCT) Owner/Licensee

Conveyor System

RU provides the best and most premium products for belts, pulleys, and idlers packages


Crusher Machine

TouGH CMn patented wear parts and spare parts for all series of Crusher Machines


Grinding Mill

Steel casting liners, Rubber steel composite liners with improved wear material technology



Optimisation of existing pump design for improved performance


Cutter & Drill

Improved performance for parts and assembly construction through ongoing R&D in material upgrades and assembly construction


Chute Feeder Hopper

From the new or reserved design of existing components and engineering construction to customization of wear components and delivery of the highest standards- guaranteed quality in all


Piping, Cyclone & Distributor System

Perfect solutions for the alignment of manufacturing practices with material selection


Fabrication & Precision Machining

If you have a list of regional and specified requirements, RU has the widest network of machining and fabrication facilities to meet them perfectly


EPC Project Supply

We follow a customized approach to meet budgetary and performance requirements. We assure you of the best project-related standards in design, manufacturing, delivery, and project timeline management


Other Wear

Are you looking for material for your DIY product? RU can assist you in supplying bills of material (BoM) in bulk


Mining Equipment

We offer a comprehensive range of mining equipment sourced from renowned industry-leading manufacturers. Paired with our competitive after-market spares support, we ensure optimal performance and longevity for your investment

About US

Resources Unity

Resources Unity (RU) is a leading manufacturer and provider of wear material technology. RU began as a single-line product distribution company and has emerged as an industry leader over the years. From design and manufacturing to end-to-end user application, RU has successfully deployed superior quality wear material technology. 

RU has undergone a plethora of developments and changes over the past few years. We have expanded our wings and are now providing specialized services, namely- an extensive supply chain from key product R&D, specialised design services, lean manufacturing, and regional services. Our supply distribution has significantly grown and we take pride in how far we have come. 

We have made our mark in Australia, China, Southeast Asian countries, Central and West Africa, and South Africa. 

We are on a mission to attain global recognition while striving for excellence in our regional operations.

Resources Unity


We want to make the resources sector accessible and affordable to all. Hence, we are constantly pushing ourselves to bridge the gap between user requirements and supply capability and ensure lower operational costs.


We believe in proving seamless and hassle-free services to our clients. Hence, we are moving ahead with the vision to incorporate supply chain functionality into all customer operations and thereby provide the most eminent wear material technology services to our clients.


Resources Unity stands at the forefront of value creation in the industry. Our unwavering commitment drives us to relentlessly pursue cost-effective and efficient solutions, setting new industry standards. As a result, our employees and shareholders reap tangible benefits.
Guiding our mission and decisions are our core values, which we uphold without compromise:

• Honesty: Adhere to the bottom line, put morality first, be honest and fair.
• Responsibility: Ownership and commitment – We do what we say and we own what we do.
• Enterprising: No merit is a fault, dare to break through and have responsibility.
• Collaboration: Open collaboration, continuous evolution.
• Creation: Beyond innovation, explore possibilities.


Our Services

  • Consultation and Appraisal for Wear material
  • Independent maintenance consultation
  • Field functionality scanning and diagnostic services
  • Design Optimization services for product wear
  • Design verification services and Project IP scanning

──‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‏‏‎  Learn More about RU Scan Drafting Services

  • Experience the ease of the world’s most precise 3-D Lase scanning and Modelling services by RU. We cater to the requirement of a wide array of clients, projects, and applications. From small-scale to large enterprises- RU provides technology-driven services to all
  • On-site Analysis of Mechanical Property and Chemistry Composition of machine spares
  • Simulation and wear trending programs for the designated line of products
  • Multiple-dimension solutions through ongoing material R&D
  • Customized and tailor-made material technology for categorized and specific requirements
  • Integrated demand planning, manufacturing planning to supply chain planning and execution.
  • Tailor made inventory solution for customer.
  • RU stock arrangement for existing customers to ensure that ongoing supply is fulfilling the operational requirement
  • Get in touch with our account manager to discuss this service in detail.
  • Failure Investigation 
  • Metal fatigue analysis 
  • Chemical analysis (including or excluding gases) 
  • Microstructure examination (including grain size) 
  • Possible root cause findings 
RU Library

The RU Library

Since 2018, product ranges have become increasingly sophisticated. Hence, RU has developed a structured and comprehensive tool named RU library for our clients. RU library is an excellent addition to mining parts and machinery with multiple-disciplinary applications and specifications.

Yes! RU is all about simplifying things for its clients! Are you from the Mining, Oil & Gas industry? Get in touch for more information on the RU library tool.

Resources Unity

Recycling &
Social Responsibility

RU is delivering world-class environment-friendly solutions through socially responsible business strategies and its Used metal recycling program.

Our environment-friendly solutions aren’t limited to specific sectors but are meant for a broad range of industries.

Metal Scraps

Exclusively meant for environmental stewardship and to reduce the operational costs for virgin material extraction.

Non-metal Scraps

To cater to the needs of a variety of industries, RU has initiated the non-metal scraps recycling program.

Corporate Social Responsibility

RU ensures the implementation of sustainable business operations, environment-friendly initiatives, and a workforce driven by a love for nature. Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability policy is targeted at all key activities in RU.

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